Installing VMware Horizon View – Part 4: Install View Composer and Linked Clone Machines

Installing VMware Horizon View – Part 4: Install View Composer and Linked Clone Machines

imageIn this post we will look at View Composer and Linked Clone technology for creating an another automated pool. 

Lets first install view Composer component.  View composer requires database. My setup has already SQL installed on View Composer server.

Just to quickly summarize what requirements are:


Windows Server 2008 R2 – 64-bit โ€“ Standard or Enterprise

Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 –  64-bit โ€“ Standard or Enterprise

Hardware Component

1.4 GHz or faster Intel 64 or AMD 64 processor with 2 CPUs  Recommended: 2GHz or faster and 4 CPUs

One or more 10/100Mbps network interface cards (NICs) – Recommended: 1Gbps NICs

4GB RAM or higher – Recommended: 8GB RAM or higher for deployments of 50 or more View desktops

40GB disk Recommended: 60GB

Database: Per your environment, the required Database Server is as follows:


First Create a database and create an SQL user that maps to the database created with db_owner rights.

Create a database

then Create an ODBC DSN (32 bit) connection to this Database under System DSN with SQL Native Client Driver.

ODBC connection

Install Composer:

Default location

Default location

Select DSN created:

DSN created

Port Settings:

Port Settings

Click Next, and Finish to install. After installer completes, you may need to restart the server.

To enable composer server, go to the Admin Center on connection server, click servers, and click vCenter server and hit Edit.

enable composer server

Once this step has completed , we need to prep the base VM.

If you have read the previous post, for full virtual machines, we had created a VM template. For the linked clone machines, however, we need a virtual machine and a snapshot to work on. Hence, if you are going to use the same machine for testing, you need to delete the pool created earlier, convert the template to a VM, and then take a snapshot.

Once done, lets create a pool:

In the pool, select Automated, and Floating same as the previous pool we created. However, in the vCenter Server Settings window, now select View Composer Linked clones: (I will be bypassing the other settings we went over in the previous post)

View Composer Linked clones

Disposable File Redirection:

Disposable File Redirection

Storage Optimization: Replica Disks

Storage Optimization: Replica Disks

vCenter Settings:

vCenter Settings

Advanced Storage

Advanced Storage

Guest Customization Settings:

Guest Customization Settings

Once complete, the replica VM will be created and then the Linked Clone VMs will be provisioned.

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