Installing VMware Horizon View – Part 2: Building Virtual Desktop

Installing VMware Horizon View – Part 2: Building Virtual Desktop

In this part, we will go over basic configuration of Configuration server and will prep a single Windows 8 VM, and then create a manual pool to have our first pool with VM created in this post. 

There are four types of VM pools: Manuel, Automated with Full VMs, Automated with Linked-Clone, RDS Pools

As a prerequisite, you need to prep a Windows VM joined to domain with Remote Desktop Enabled on your VMware servers. Then you can install view agent.


Adding vCenter Server a Pool

Click Servers and Click Add and enter vcenter server settings:

vCenter Server Settings

View Composer Settings:

View Composer Settings

Storage Settings:

Storage Settings

and click next, review the configuration summary and then  click Finish. The pool should be ready now.

Install View agent

Run View Agent Installer on the VM:

VMware View Agent

For agent settings, the defaults are as follows. I will be enabling PCoIP for future use.

View Agent Settings 

Enable Remote Desktop

Vmware View Agent Remote Desktop

And Click Install.

VMware View Agent Install


Creating a Pool:

Select Inventory > Pools and click on Add, select pool type.

Pool Type

Available pool types are as follows: Automated, Manual, and Terminal service Pool. Each has different supported feature sets.

Automated Pool Manual Pool Terminal Services Pool

In this post, I will be selecting a manual pool for now to be able to use the VM created earlier. Other pool types will be created as we progess in the following posts.

User Assignment

Select Desktop Source. Two options here: vCenter and Other (Physical or VMs not managed by vCenter)

vCenter Server

Select the vCenter that will be used in the list:

vCneter Server Selection

Complete Pool Identification:

Pool Identification

If required change pool settings per your requirements:

Pool Settings

Pool settings - Adobe

The list of VMs will be presented on the selected vCenter server.

Adding Virtual Machines

Advanced Storage Options:

Advanced Storage Options

Review the settings and click Finish



Assign users:

Go to Users and Groups to assign users to the pool created. First select users or groups:


Select pool:

Pool Selection


Next you need to install View client ๐Ÿ™‚ You can go to https://connection server for a download link if you dont have the installer in hand.

View Client

Once you install and run the client, you need to add the connection server if you did not specify during installation:

View Client

Then login with the credentials that has access to the pool/VM. After that the pool assigned will be visible on the Client.

View Client

Do not forget to put this VM into the OU created earlier for it to get required policies.

Good luck.

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