Installing System Center 2012 App Controller SP1

Installing System Center 2012 App Controller SP1

System Center 2012 App Controller SP1After we configured private cloud and tenant for it (user role), we can continue with installing System Center App Controller 2012 SP1. App controller is a Silverlight based web application running on IIS with an SQL backend. It is for managing services deployed in a private cloud and Azure based public clouds and is dependent on SCVMM.


Recommended Hardware:

  • Dual CPU, dual core with 4GB memory. SQL on remote server for better performance.


  • Windows 2008 R2/SP1 or Windows 2012 – must be in domain.
  • Can be installed with VMM but for better performance dedicate a server for app controller


.NET Framework 4 (the setup will install)

IIS with (the setup will install)

  • Static Content
  • Default Document
  • Directory Browsing
  • HTTP Errors
  • .NET Extensibility
  • ISAPI Extensions
  • ISAPI Filters
  • HTTP Logging
  • Request Monitor
  • Tracing
  • Basic Authentication
  • Windows Authentication
  • Request Filtering
  • Static Content Compression
  • IIS Management Console

VMM console

SQL: 2008 SP2, 2008 R2, 2012 (32/64 bit)



  • Max 5 VMM server per instance
  • Max 74 concurrent users


  • Windows Vista +
  • 32 bit browser (IE 8) + and Silverlight 4

High Available:

It can be made highly available by either installing multiple App controller servers behind Load Balancer or by installing it on a highly available VM. In the first case, the encryption key needs to be exported (Export-SCACAeskey) from the first server and needs to be used during setup on additional servers.


  • Private Cloud
  • User roles to the cloud
  • Writable file share for each user role


Right-click setup.exe, and then click Run as administrator


Product Key:

Product Key

License Terms:

License Terms

Prereqs: don’t forget to install SCVMM 2012 Console:


After SCVMM console install, the setup will install:

  • WCF Data Services 5.0
  • Windows Identity Foundation 3.5 Feature
  • IIS

Missing Software

Installation Path:

Installation Path

Configuring services: Either the Network Service account or a domain account can be used. for domain account, use a dedicated account used only with the app controller.

The port 18622 is used for communication between App Controller services only. It does not need to be opened in the firewall. This port cannot be changed without uninstalling and reinstalling App Controller so be careful.

Configuring services

Website configuration (IP, port, certificate):


SQL Server Database: (I have installed SQL on the same server):

SQL Server Database

The account being used to install App Controller needs to have at least database owner (dbo) permissions in the specified database. If the database does not exist and the user has permissions to create DB, the App Controller setup wizard will create it automatically.

PS: !!!! Only one App Controller DB can be installed per SQL instance !!!!

Customer Experience:

Customer Experience

And we are done:


The DB created by the wizard:

  • Collation: SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS
  • Recovery mode: Full

DB created

Service account (btappcontroller) rights on the DB Created:

Service account

Finally, the website (you need to install Silverlight if you did not install it)


Login Screen:

Login Screen

I will use the user that I created earlier to login to Demo Cloud. I wont configure it in this post. : )


Setup Logs are located at ProgramDataAppControllerLog

AC Setup Logs


Windows PowerShell Module for App Controller

This comes installed on the server. If you need the module, it is in the installer:

PowerShell Module for App Controller

PowerShell Module for App Controller

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