Creating Tenants in SCVMM 2012 SP1

imageAfter creating Private Cloud in the previous post, we basically created a collection of resources (such as host groups, library objects) and assigned it to demo cloud for its use. Lets now create a new user role for this cloud to define access rights so that members/end-users can interact with this cloud.

Right click on Tenants and click on “Create User Role”

Create User Role

Name the user role:

Name the user role

User role profile for this user role:

User role profile

For user roles, the profile description is as follows:

User Role Description

Fabric Administrator (Delegated Administrator)

  • can perform all administrative tasks within the assigned host groups, clouds, and library servers (except, adding XenServer and WSUS servers).
  • cannot modify VMM settings, and cannot add or remove members of the Administrators user role.

Read-Only Administrator

  • can view properties, status, and job status of objects within their assigned host groups, clouds, and library servers,
  • cannot modify the objects.
  • can view Run As accounts that administrators or delegated administrators have specified for that read-only administrator user role.

Tenant Administrator

  • Can manage self-service users and VM networks.
  • Can create, deploy, and manage their own VMs and services
  • Can also specify which tasks the self-service users can perform on their VMs and services.
  • can place quotas on computing resources and VMs.

Application Administrator (Self-Service User)

  • can create, deploy, and manage their own VMs and services by using the VMM console or a Web portal.



Scope (Cloud):


Quotas for the cloud selected (role level versus member level)


VM Networks:

VM Networks

Resources and user role data path:

Resources and user role data path

Permitted Actions for the user role:

Permitted Actions for the user role

Run as Accounts:

Run as Accounts

Bulent Tolu

Bulent Tolu

Sr. Systems Engineer at VMware
Bulent is an IT professional with Master's in MIS and 10-years of experience in broad range of Information Technologies. He is exposed to engineering/architecting, implementation/integration, and administration of various high-available IT systems and infrastructure. He has a passion to continually research, test and evaluate new technologies and follow industry best practices to secure and optimize IT systems. Currently, he lives in Istanbul and works as a Sr. Systems Engineer at VMware.
Bulent Tolu

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