Creating Private Cloud in SCVMM 2012 SP1

Creating Private Cloud in SCVMM 2012 SP1

Create Cloud

As you might be aware there is no more System Center Self Service portal. Now, System Center App Controller 2012 provides a self-service portal to manage private clouds and Azure clouds. Before installing and configuring System Center App Controller 2012 SP1, I wanted to go over creating private clouds and tenants so that after installation of app controller, I am ready to configure it. Lets start with creating a private cloud.

In the home tab, right click on “cloud” and select “Create Cloud”

Create Cloud

Enter Name as you desire

Cloud Name

Host Resources for the cloud:


VM networks:

VM networks

Load Balancer:

Load Balancer:

Port Classifications:

Port Classifications:





Capacity for the cloud:

Capacity for the cloud

Capability profiles:

Capability profiles

Click next and finish…

For all steps above, the ps command is as follows:


Set-SCCloudCapacity -JobGroup "0211b9a9-68c0-4938-af7f-3dff41b00ad0" -UseCustomQuotaCountMaximum $true -UseMemoryMBMaximum $true -UseCPUCountMaximum $true -UseStorageGBMaximum $true -UseVMCountMaximum $true

$resources = @()
$resources += Get-SCLogicalNetwork -ID "d67c20fe-4dd7-432e-9c9b-c4a55e79d690"

$resources += Get-SCLoadBalancer -ID "8d7a1b90-8af1-4c19-b73d-fe32f1ae15c4"

$resources += Get-SCPortClassification -ID "05495ad1-33d6-4eb1-8310-09b3d7f6d05d"
$resources += Get-SCPortClassification -ID "eb187e8c-e521-471c-ba12-231ab5ffa3ee"
$resources += Get-SCPortClassification -ID "21112eab-d593-4a16-9516-636f8d745be6"
$resources += Get-SCPortClassification -ID "12867374-6ec2-43e1-9aac-6f26bf5e7757"

$readonlyLibraryShares = @()
$readonlyLibraryShares += Get-SCLibraryShare -ID "ba35c103-e2e0-447b-b80d-bd12ae8d93f6"

$addCapabilityProfiles = @()
$addCapabilityProfiles += Get-SCCapabilityProfile -Name "Hyper-V"

Set-SCCloud -JobGroup "0211b9a9-68c0-4938-af7f-3dff41b00ad0" -RunAsynchronously -ReadWriteLibraryPath "\" -AddCloudResource $resources -AddReadOnlyLibraryShare $readonlyLibraryShares -AddCapabilityProfile $addCapabilityProfiles

$hostGroups = @()
$hostGroups += Get-SCVMHostGroup -ID "0e3ba228-a059-46be-aa41-2f5cf0f4b96e"
New-SCCloud -JobGroup "0211b9a9-68c0-4938-af7f-3dff41b00ad0" -VMHostGroup $hostGroups -Name "Demo" -Description "" -RunAsynchronously



Once the cloud created, the VMs need to be assigned to it:


Once the cloud is selected, the VM can now be seen in the clouds section:

Cloud Demo

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