VMM 2012: Multiple VM objects in Creating State

VMM 2012: Multiple VM objects in Creating State

imageTrying to P2V a production server, and the jobs were failing due to some issues with the host. After fixing it, I was able to successfully P2V couple servers but when I checked the VMM management console I had three objects for the same VM, two of them were in the creating state.

Jobs were already in failed state in the logs…

Restarting the VMM services, hosts, and VMM server did not help to resolve orphaned objects in VMM console. Right click was no help as all options were greyed out. I came across an article at SCVMM blog for the same issue in VMM 2008. The solution is listed in this blog so I am not going to go over it in details.

I followed the same steps listed after backing up the VMM database, and exporting the VM (just in case; the IDs in the database for each object were different). Basically, after having a backup plan, went to VMM database, and edited the table called “tbl_WLC_VObject”. For the objects I had trouble removing, checked ObjectState column, it did have a value 100. Changed it to “1” which means the VM is turned off (objecttype 1 means it is a VM). After refreshing the hosts, and restarting the VMM services on VMM server, I was then given delete option upon right clicking on this stale objects (VM).

Good luck.

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