P2V: There is not enough disk space?

P2V: There is not enough disk space?

P2V There is not enough disk spaceTrying to P2V a server to a CSV volume and getting host placement rating 0 for all Hyper-V hosts although there is enough space available on the CSV volume.  This is a known issue with VMM 2012; VMM uses space available on the local drives for calculating available storage in host placement.


Workarounds for this issue is listed in KB2685247. I wanted to share that the behavior is still the same with SP1 UR1. If you are lucky and have enough space on the local drives for at least the used space of the drive you are converting, you can successfully convert using “dynamic disk” to CSV volume (well, at least you can pass host placement screen) and then after the conversion, you can convert the disk to fixed. Method 2 was not acceptable in my case which is to add drives to the hosts and I personally would not want to try out PowerShell method (3) in this case.

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  • Hi Bulent, it seems that that problem also happens with the V2V wizard. The highest available space is the one from the C: drive on any hosts. Unfortunately, not like the P2V wizard, you can’t say the disks will be dynamic and get through. It won’t let you. I have created a local (virtual) disk but VMM doesn’t seem to recognize the volume (it can see the disk in the storage tab of the node), so, I can’t make it available for placement.
    Any ideas?

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