Archives : January 17th, 2013

P2V: There is not enough disk space?

Trying to P2V a server to a CSV volume and getting host placement rating 0 for all Hyper-V hosts although there is enough space available on the CSV volume.  This

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VMM 2012: Multiple VM objects in Creating State

Trying to P2V a production server, and the jobs were failing due to some issues with the host. After fixing it, I was able to successfully P2V couple servers but

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VMM 2012: VM Console Error (0×0107, 0×0000)

After an initial/clean installation of VMM, I was getting the following error message, “(0×0107, 0×0000)” upon trying to connect to VM via console in VMM. I was also getting password

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System Center 2012 SP1 is now available

Microsoft System Center Private Cloud Evaluation Software (SP1) is now available for download.  The evaluation software includes:

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