Mysterious Windows 2003 Virtual Machine Hangs or loss of services and RDP but ping


When you see the error below while taking a snapshot based backup with quiescing, and the server is 2003 and hangs or stalls for a while during snapshot (ie, you can ping but the services down, you cannot RDP, you need to hard reset the VM), it might be due to known issue.

An error occurred while quiescing the virtual machine. See the virtual machine’s event log for details




Please check the following two articles:

The solution is to disable LGTO sync driver that comes with Vmware tools in the device manager:

  1. In the device manager check show hidden devices
  2. Expand non-plug and play
  3. Right click and disable the following: LGTO_Sync
Bulent Tolu

Bulent Tolu

Sr. Systems Engineer at VMware
Bulent is an IT professional with Master's in MIS and 10-years of experience in broad range of Information Technologies. He is exposed to engineering/architecting, implementation/integration, and administration of various high-available IT systems and infrastructure. He has a passion to continually research, test and evaluate new technologies and follow industry best practices to secure and optimize IT systems. Currently, he lives in Istanbul and works as a Sr. Systems Engineer at VMware.
Bulent Tolu

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